Regional Initiatives

Watershed Monitoring & Management

Watershed Monitoring and Management is an initiative which provides tools and training to improve assessment of health and management of Western watersheds, including restoring and protecting water quality for multiple benefits.


  1. Effects of Irrigated Agriculture & Riparian Vegetation on Fish Habitats in the Arikaree River Basin of Colorado
  2. Spreadsheet Tools to Enhance Water Management by Ditch & Reservor Companies
  3. A Watershed-Scale Planning Tool for Evaluation of Agricultural Conservation Practices
  4. Toward Successful Pilot Implementation of Strategies for Remediation of a Salinity-Threatened Irrigated Watershed


  1. Landscape Structure Controls on Watershed Hydrology & Biogeochemistry
  2. Tribal Colleges & Universities National Facilitation Project for Increasing Tribal Involvement in the Water Quality Network

North Dakota

  1. Developing Water Management Strategies for the Red River Basin

South Dakota

  1. Fire, Atmospheric N Depositions, & Water Availability Impacts on Rangeland Health, Forage Availability, & Invasive Species Control
  2. Biotic Integrity of Northern Prairie Watersheds: Invertebrate Reference Communities & Responses to Watershed Management


  1. Optimization for Sustainable Conjunctive Water Resources Planning & Monitoring
  2. Effects of Riparian Forests on Water Temperature in the Restored Section of the Provo River, Near Heber City
  3. Improved Water Management Through Calibration of the Float Method for Flow Measurement in Open Channels
  4. Drought Management, UT


  1. Spatially Distributed Integration of Landscape Ecology & Watershed Hydrology for the Classification of Semi-Arid Watersheds
  2. Water Distribution System & Floodplain Configuration of an Anastomosed River Basin in a Semi-Arid Watershed: Little Laramie River Basin
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