Regional Initiatives

Drinking Water - Human and Livestock Health

This initiative focuses on developing, promoting the use of, and evaluating collaborative Extension-outreach programs, educational tools, and resources addressing human and livestock drinking water quality, irrigation water suitability, and functionality and maintenance of on-site septic systems; foster adoption of monitoring and management practices that improve human and livestock drinking water quality, minimize exposure of humans, livestock, and agricultural soils to waters of impaired quality, and reduce undesirable interactions between private drinking water supplies and domestic wastewater treatment systems.


  1. Public Values & Attitudes Toward Agricultural Water Use in the West
  2. Irrigation & Precision Management Strategies to Sustain Agriculture with Limited Water Supplies
  3. Describing & Developing Plans to Manage Selenium & Salinity Contamination in an Irrigated River Valley
  4. South Platte Mapping & Analysis Program (SPMAP): Remote Sensing, Consumptive Use & Augmentation Accounting
  5. Parameter Estimation Framework for Studying the Influence of Agricultural Water Use on Surface & Groundwater Flow Interaction in the Ark
  6. Irrigation, Tillage, & Weed Management to Maintain Agriculture Profitability with Limited Water
  7. Crop & Soil Management Systems in Water Limited Agroecosystems
  8. Developing Economically Sustainable Cropping Strategies for Small & Medium Sized Farms in an Increasingly Scarce Water Environment

North Dakota

  1. Impact of Water Availability on Crop Production & Natural Resources
  2. Development of Water Management Practices & Tools for Improved Crop Production & Natural Resource Management
  3. Developing Water Management Strategies for the Red River Basin

South Dakota

  1. Adoption-Outreach of Agricultural Water Conservation Strategies in a Sub-Humid Urban Area


  1. Verification of Field Crop Evapotranspiration in an Irrigated Arid Environment
  2. Irrigation Water Demand Estimates in Agriculture & Urban Areas Using Remote Sensing
  3. Investigating Landscape Water Consumption & Minimum Tree Water Requirements to Improve Irrigation Scheduling for Urban Landscape Water Conservation
  4. Turfgrass Management in the Intermountain West: Conservation of Water & Nutrients
  5. Management & Ecology of Irrigated Pastures in the Intermountain West


  1. Effects of Cropping-System, Irrigation Method, & Soil Properties on Soil Nitrogen & Organic Matter Dynamics in the Big Horn Basin
United States Department of Agriculture Colorado State University Montana State University North Dakota State University South Dakota State University Utah State University University of Wyoming National Water Program